Chat #49 – How this Entrepreneur’s Suicide Attempt Sparked His Business to Heal Himself & Others

Luke Maxwell is the CEO and Founder U Can’t B Erased. Luke has one of the most inspirational stories that I’ve heard because he took what was a difficult experience and used it as a way to heal himself and others. As a teem Luke suffered from undiagnosed Major Depressive Disorder ad survived a suicide attempt. He has been able to heal himself but also support others through U Can’t B Erased. Luke Maxwell has served as a speaker and creates a tremendous about content on his site.  During the chat we spoke about his background, how people should approach challenges, why mental health is not talked about and how to identify signs of mental illness anyone and what we can do to help. Luke provide a ton of valuable content and if you do know someone that is going through any issues please seek help.

  • Luke's Background and story
  • What his company–U Can't B Erased does.
  • How people should approach challenges
  • Mental health and wellness–what it is, what are some of the warning signs and advice he would give to those people
  • Why his model is focused on impact first and then money second

Luke Maxwell:
Luke's Podcast:
Luke's eBook:
Luke's E-mail:
National Alliance of Mental Illness:
Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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