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Chat #50 – The Power of Telling Your Story – The Story of CEO Chat & CBNation

Gresham W. Harkless Jr. is an entrepreneur and blogger. “Gresh” is the founder and Blogger in Chief for CEO Blog Nation (CBNation.co) and is the founder and digital marketing specialist behind Blue 16 Media. His other past ventures include founding Exemplary Editing, Kidz Sports Drill and co-founding Men of Character of Virginia. As a child, he started a monthly family newsletter, and sold everything from necklaces on the playground to potato chips and candy. He currently works to help support small businesses and entrepreneurship with Blue 16 Media and CEO Blog Nation (CBNation.co). Blue 16 Media is a digital marketing company providing digital marketing services to small to medium sized businesses and organizations. CBNation.co is a community of niche blogs for entrepreneurs and business owners.

During the chat I spoke about the following:

  • The story behind CEO Chat & CBNation.co
  • Some things we're looking forward to in 2018—CEO Chat, I am CEO Community and new eBook and B16.co
  • Why it's important for you to tell your story

Follow @progreshion + e-mail at gwh@ceoblognation.com

I am CEO Volume 2 ebook: https://cbnation.co/iamceo2/

My website: http://progreshion.com

My business blog: http://progreshion.ceopress.com

CEO Chat: http://ceochat.co

CBNation: http://cbnation.co

Blue 16 Media: http://blue16media.com

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CBNation helps entrepreneurs and business owners succeed with visibility, resources and connections. CEO Blog Nation is a community of blogs for entrepreneurs and business owners. Started in much the same way as most small businesses, CEO Blog Nation captures the essence of entrepreneurship by allowing entrepreneurs and business owners to have a voice. CEO Blog Nation provides news, information, events and even startup business tips for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to succeed.

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