Chat #45 – NoVA Ayurvedic Practitioner Helps People Improve their Self-Awareness & Discernment

Ileana Gonzalez, Ayurvedic Practitioner  is the owner of Apurva Wellness. Apurva Wellness is based out of the Northern Virginia area. She has been a NAMA Professional Member since 2014. Ayurvedic Healing offers the 100% natural healing methods of Ayurveda, an ancient science from India. Ileana offer traditional Ayurvedic healing and beauty treatments designed to help effectively restore balance to the organs and tissues, calm the mind, and restore your natural state of health, happiness, and inner sense of well-being. Additionally, she offers guidance on Ayurvedic lifestyle practices that can help you reduce the effects of stress on your body and mind so you can have abundant energy, better sleep, and healthier digestion, using 100% natural methods.


  • Illeana's background and story
  • What Ayurvedic is and why it's important
  • How we can improve our self-awareness and discernment
  • Her process for clients that she meets at Apurva Wellness
  • Advice for busy entrepreneurs and business owners to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Great relationships that she looks to build
  • Why the DMV is a great place to be an entrepreneur or business owner

Website: http://apurvawellness.com/
Email: info@apurvawellness.com

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