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Chat #59 – How this Content Creator & Cultural Curator Helps Support Others with His Authenticity

This was an awesome chat with Michell C Clark. Michell is a Washington, D.C.-based social entrepreneur, cultural curator, and content creator. He shares his gifts with millennials looking to grow their brands, businesses, and overall public image. During the chat we spoke about his background, how being authentic has led him to opportunities like his upcoming book and tips and advice for ...

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Chat #57 – How this IT Entrepreneur Helps Business Owners through His Cyber Security Firm

This was an awesome chat with J. Clemonts Jr. J is the owner of Technificient Solutions and he is an IT expert with over 12 years of experience in various forms of Information Technology and his firm Technificent Solutions focuses on cybersecurity. During the chat we spoke about his background, how he came up with the name of his company ...

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Chat #55 – How this Entrepreneur Helps Food and Culinary Entrepreneurs Increase Their Likelihood of Success

Brenda Brown is the founder of Northern Virginia’s first Food Business Incubator. They offer facilities, business training and business development assistance for food companies–bakers, caterers, restaurateurs, food trucks and food product makers. During the chat, we spoke about her background and how she got started, what her company does to support food and culinary entrepreneurs, and common pitfalls and struggles for food and ...

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Chat #53 – How this Former Athlete Turned Financial Planner Helps Professional Athletes Build for Themselves & Their Families

Isaac Cooper is from iMC Financial Consulting. Isaac works with clients ranging from business owners to professional athletes that want to focus on bettering themselves and the lives of the families that come after them. He’s also involved in the community including winning the 2015 AL.com Change Award. During the chat, we spoke about how his background of a professional athlete helped him as a business ...

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Chat #51 – How this Entrepreneur & Business Owner Makes Credit Card Processing a Happy Experience

Barry Parker the Owner of The Blu Group, LLC was born in New York and grew up in church. After graduated in college, he wasn’t sure what to do for his career and so he choose to join the NYPD. He was there during the September 11th attack and eventually transitioned to join the MPDC. He founded the The Blu Group, LLC ...

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Chat #49 – How this Entrepreneur’s Suicide Attempt Sparked His Business to Heal Himself & Others

Luke Maxwell is the CEO and Founder U Can’t B Erased. Luke has one of the most inspirational stories that I’ve heard because he took what was a difficult experience and used it as a way to heal himself and others. As a teem Luke suffered from undiagnosed Major Depressive Disorder ad survived a suicide attempt. He has been able to heal himself ...

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Chat #48 – How this VP Built His Financial Services Business Positioning Himself Through Educational Seminars

Joseph Jones who is a Vice President at Axa Advisors, a global brand and organization that provides financial services. Joseph and his team provide wealth management services and financial education to help accumulate and protect the wealth of local families, small businesses, and non-profits. During the chat we spoke about his background, some of his best practices that he’s learned ...

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100 Entrepreneurs Discussion – How Entrepreneurs Can Use Digital Marketing to Increase Visibility

This was a live recording of a discussion that Gresham Harkless of Blue 16 Media did at 100 Entrepreneurs event in Ft. Belvoir in Northern Virginia. He spoke about why he started Blue 16 Media, why every company is a media company, the current state of digital marketing and how business owners can leverage digital marketing to help out their ...

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