Chat #53 – How this Former Athlete Turned Financial Planner Helps Professional Athletes Build for Themselves & Their Families

Isaac Cooper is from iMC Financial Consulting. Isaac works with clients ranging from business owners to professional athletes that want to focus on bettering themselves and the lives of the families that come after them. He’s also involved in the community including winning the 2015 Change Award. During the chat, we spoke about how his background of a professional athlete helped him as a business owner, how he helps professional athletes and financial tips for entrepreneurs and business owners.

  • 1:28 – His injury never made him a professional football player
  • 2:56 – His love of numbers and how he became an entrepreneur
  • 3:07 – What he saw a void when it came to working athletes
  • 3:39 – Financial information was misrepresented because people were more concerned with there pockets instead of the person
  • 5:35 – How dealing with finances was the foundations of his existence essentially.. who would have known?
  • 6:36 – What he does with his financial company
  • 7:14 – Some folks think spending money is the bad thing ..No we just have to identify that habit and create an environment that when you spend that money, you don't feel bad about it
  • 8:24 – A common mistake financial advisers have
  • 12:38 – Whenever an athlete signs their contract, everybody knows
  • 17:04 – There are a lot of greedy folks that prey on a lack of financial literacy of the athletes
  • 18:00 – You could live like a king for five years or live like a prince forever.
  • 19:48 – If your environment changes drastically, you have to ensure your team members are movable enough to adjust
  • 22:51 – Play the next play
  • 24:41 – Community involvement is a responsibility I want to ensure that people knew where my hearts was before they know what I did
  • 29:00 – Financial tips
  • 33:00 – Get comfortable being uncomfortable
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