Chat #67 – Author and Journalist Explains How to Build a Successful One Person, Million Dollar Business

Elaine Pofeldt is an independent journalist who specializes in writing about careers and entrepreneurship and author of the new book The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business (Random House, January 2018), where she looks at how entrepreneurs are scaling to $1 million in revenue prior to hiring employees. She writes about million-dollar, one-person businesses for Formerly, she was a senior editor at Fortune Small Business Magazine. We featured the book on our CEO Bookshelf.
During the chat, we spoke about her background, her book, what led her to start her business and some of the characteristics and traits she noticed from people that become $1M, one person businesses.
Some of the questions we asked Elaine
  • What's your story? Tell us your background and why you decided to start your business?
  • Tell us a little about your business?
  • Tell us about your book?
  • What things can people do that are just getting started and want to build $1M, one person businesses?
  • What's the reality of being a freelancer What things do they struggle with or fear?
  • Advice on protecting our time as Freelancers.
  • What causes people leave their business early?
  • How do you go from being a Freelancer to running a $1M business?
  • What has made the business owners that you spoke with successful?
  • What was the reason that the people you interviewed wanted to start $1M, one person businesses?
  • What’s the goal? What is more important–hitting $1M in revenue or achieving a certain profit goal?

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