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Chat #96 – 14 Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2019 & Beyond

This is talk Number 20 in a series that will become the You are a media company course. This is the 2nd of the final 4 that I will speak about other things in marketing. In the last chats I spoke about podcasting and video. This chat, I will focus on future predictions
  1. Every company is a media company
  2. Purpose-driven brands (Check out podcast #65 with Tyler Butler) – 79% of consumers prefer to purchase products from a company that operates with a social purpose
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. Chatbots – e.g. kit – marketing assistant for Shopify
  5. Experiential marketing
  6. Consumers are in control – knowledge of client will win out
  7. Authenticity is key – human interaction
  8. Influencer marketing
  9. Storytelling is still big / Documentation may be even bigger
  10. Offline and online are going hand and hand
  11. Customization is royalty – AI & Machine Learning
  12. Peoples attention span is continuing to decrease  – moving toward video and reading less
  13. Content isn’t going anywhere – Video (vertical video specifically) and audio and less reading
  14. Live Video is still a here and getting better
This is Gresham signing out, please be sure to sign up for the course when it goes live at
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