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Chat #100 – Strategy Putting It All Together – YAMC

This is Talk Number 22 in a series that will become the You are a media company course. This is the 4th of the 4 that I will speak about other things in marketing. In the last chat, I spoke about mobile, lifecasting VR/AR & gaming. While it’s near impossible to cover literally everything about marketing. This chat, I will focus  on some of the topics I haven’t touched on in marketing like mobile, lifecasting, virtual reality/augmented reality and gaming

  1. Here’s my story of Blue 16 Media – current state – the change I’m making
  2. Here’s the strategy: Why Creating Your Own Media Company is as Simple as Pie
  3. Continuing with story: How we’re putting it together – Our strategy for Blue 16 Media

6 Steps (RECIPPE) to Create Your Own Media Company – As Simple as Pie

Pre-work – Answer these questions: Target market? Resources? What is your secret sauce?

  • REcipe / Your Marketing Plan
  • Crust / Your Foundation (e.g. website/blog)
  • Ingredients / Your marketing tools (e.g. SEO, social media, networking groups, flyers, etc.)
  • Pick & Prepare / Select the 1 or 2 ingredients that are central to your strategy (e.g. podcast, LinkedIn)
  • Put it in the oven (but check it) / Execute
  • Enjoy the final product / Keep working to perfect it but enjoy the process

How We're Putting It Together


  • Target Market: Kerry
  • Resources: Bootstrapped business and the core is web design & SEO services
  • Secret Sauce: We are taking our own medicine and have a slew or resources for CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and business owners. We provide value in terms of resources but also visibility

6 Steps (RECIPPE) to Create Your Own Media Company – As Simple as Pie

  1. RE – Marketing Plan: To grow the number of Kerrys and help over 150 clients with Web Design & SEO services by 2020
  2. C – Crust: Blue 16 Media is our website but sites are also our foundation. When you go to the sites, you will see that you can schedule a complimentary digital marketing consultation
  3. I – Ingredients: Networking groups, instagram, facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest SEO, facebook ads, YouTube, Podcast, outside networking, existing clients
  4. P – Pick & Prepare: LinkedIn & (especially the I AM CEO Podcast) + 1 weekly networking event
  5. P – Put it in the oven: Monthly check in of revenue number and percentages that came from where
  6. E – Enjoy – success
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