Redefining & Expanding the Definition of Leadership

This CEO Chat we spoke with Gaea Honeycutt from G.L. Honeycutt Consulting & Hypatian Institute. She spoke with us about the definition of leadership, her community involvement and provided some advice for entrepreneurs and business owners. G.L. Honeycutt Consulting: Hypatian Institute: Born Leader Podcast:

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Building a Business Through Relationships

Karen Alston is the founder of the Alston Marketing Group. During this CEO Chat we talked about how she got started with her business, the influence of AOL and being a 3rd generation had on her. We also delved into what entrepreneurship is and whether it is something that could be learned and how she broke into government contracting and ...

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The Impact Mentorship Can Have On Your Success

This CEO Chat interview was with Janice Omadeke from the Mentor Method. She talked with us about how important mentoring is, her startup company and how her background and experience without a solid mentor. The Mentor Method:

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Creating a Purpose Driven Brand

Julian B. Kiganda is the Founder, Bold & Fearless. She is a Transformational Life & Brand Strategist. She co-authored and published her first book with her sister, Christine St. Vil, entitled Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? 12 Steps to Uncovering the Woman You Really Want to Be. During the interview, we discussed her background and experience, the importance of branding and ...

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Honoring Her Name – Linmarie Concepcion Memorial Charity

Ednaline Concepcion, founder of the Linmarie Concepcion Memorial Charity, spoke about the charity, its beginning, some of its initiatives and advice for running the nonprofit organization like a business. Race for Linmarie is a 5k race fundraiser, part of the nonprofit Linmarie Concepcion Memorial Charity. This charity golf tournament is raising funds for Linmarie Concepcion Research Fund at University of ...

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The Power of Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Today we have an awesome guest–Reginald Jackson, Sr. of Joyful Satisfaction Coaching, who is an business coach based out of the Washington DC area. We are going to spend some time with Reggie to learn more about him and his business, what coaching is and how it can help your business. Reggie’s Website: Contact Reggie:| Tel: (703) 587-6276

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