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Social Entrepreneur Creates Organization to Provide Hope for Northern Virginia Veterans

Angela H. McConnell is the President & CEO for Northern Virginia Veterans Association(NOVA Vets)and she is the Owner and CEO of Q Integrative Healthcare Consulting. She spoke about her organization, how she got started the impact that it’s having on Veterans in Northern Virginia. NOVA Vets has a distinct and fundamental mission. Comprised of Veterans, active military, family members and ...

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How Taking Time for Rest & Relaxation Can Take Your Business to Another Level

Beth Freschi is a relaxation and life coach based in St. Paul, MN. She spoke with with us and provided some “life hacks,” tips and advice for busy entrepreneurs and business owners on how to achieve more success by taking time to refresh and recharge can lead to more success. Check out some of her guided relaxation training records and ...

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Business Coach Sprouts a Community for Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Rita Goodroe is a business coach that has launched the Women’s Business Garden. Which has the mission of catalyzing women’s entrepreneurship and sustainable business growth and success through powerful education, mentorship and community. During the interview we talked about the importance of the mindset, some initiatives of the Women’s Business Garden and how she became such a community builder. Meetup: ...

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How this Business Owner Makes the World a Better Place by Communicating One Animal at a Time

Maribeth Decker the founder of Sacred Grove discussed how her business started, how pet owners can be better communicators and how her publishing her book “Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans during Animal Transitions” helped her business. Website: www.sacredgrove.com Her book on Amazon: amzn.to/2eqkZHN

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The Importance of the Hispanic Community & Culture to Business in Northern Virginia

Michel Zajour is the President and Founder of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. During the chat, we spoke about Michel’s background and what led him to start the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, how important it is for business owners to be aware of hispanic culture and some of the initiatives of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Website: ...

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Getting Your Business Organized from Day 1

Lakshmi Gupta is the founder of Money Equations Inc. Money Equations Inc. is a full-service tax and accounting firm with a highly skilled and competent professional team that provides one-to-one service to all our clients. During the CEO Chat, she talked about her firm, defined a few terms, best practices for business owners and what makes her firm different from ...

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College Friends Turn Startup Co-founders

The 3 Co-Founders of The Haus Call (Killian Lewis, Crystal Allen & Morgan Winbush) discussed how their business started, how they balanced being in different parts of the country and other demands, how their startup works and advice they have for other entrepreneurs and business owners. Email – info@thehauscall.com Website: www.thehauscall.com

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Giving–The Most Important Word in Networking

For this CEO Chat, we interviewed Jim Ward from the Freedom Networking Group. We spoke with Jim about his background and his experience as a salesman and a business owner and he gave us some golden nuggets on networking and how we can get the most out of it as entrepreneurs and business owners. Freedom Networking Group: freedomnetworkinggroup.org Ad Print Solutions: http://www.adprintsolutions.net ...

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Simplifying Healthcare for Businesses & Individuals

For this CEO Chat, we interviewed Rachel Boryachinskiy for DMV CEO and spoke about her business, how she got started and she explained a little about healthcare and some of the things that her company does to alleviate stress and simplify all the changes that have been going on in the healthcare industry. Website: www.healthcaredeciphered.com

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How Business Owners Can Leverage Technology to Be More Efficient

This CEO Chat, we interviewed Paul McNeal from The Sturgeon Group, a concierge IT Company for Solopreneurs and Microbusinesses. Paul spoke about his business, how he started his business, how older entrepreneurs and business owners can embrace and leverage technology and the future of technology (HINT: Blockchain Technology). Website: http://www.sturgeongroupllc.com/ Twitter: @TeslaGen3

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